Much more than a digital impact measure

Digital can pollute. Digital can exclude. Digital is quickly obsolete. We believe in the imperative of a reasoned and more sustainable digital future, a digital future for all and a source of social progress.

To identify these challenges and move forward in the development of more sustainable digital solutions, we need to measure. Enabling you to combine digital transformation and responsible digital.

Our Fruggr impact measurement tool is the most complete, ergonomic and innovative answer today. Enabling you to differentiate and take the lead.

Fruggr is a complete, multi-criteria evaluation software of the environmental and social footprint of a digital service. Based on automatic collection interfaces on all layers, it is a decision aid that can be used both in the design phase and once the application has been deployed. The calculation methodology is based on the most reliable impact factors (1byteModel, IEA, EEA, Base Carbone...) and is constantly updated.

We believe in continuous improvement, which involves automated measurement.

  • Environmental ROI: measure the environmental impact and analyse your action levers
  • Social ROI: offer accessible, inclusive and ethical digital services
  • Economic ROI: reduce your budgets (frugality) and reach more prospects.

Give more positive impacts to organisations' IT applications by improving their footprint. Deeptech at the service of a sustainable digital world.