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Awards and Distinctions

fruggr was born in 2020, but since then it has continued to receive recognition and awards, proving that innovation for digital responsibility is more than ever a hot topic. Each of these awards highlights one of the benefits of our continuous improvement solution: deeptech, cleantech, climatetech, techforgood, ecodesign, R&D, governance, impact business, carbon footprint performance, ESG, CSR, digital inclusion...

Listed on the IMPACT40/120 Index

During our participation at ChangeNOW 2024, we were honored to be recognized by "Mouvement Impact France" as one of the 120 most promising organizations with significant ecological and social impact.

Listed on the IMPACT40/120 Index

The 120 most promising #Impact companies in 2024

The 100 Start-ups to Invest in 2024

We are proud that Digital4Better is included in the latest edition of the «100 start-ups to invest in» ranking, published by Challenges magazine. This ranking highlights the 100 most promising start-ups launched within the past four years.


The 100 Start-ups to Invest in 2024

FinTech R:Evolution

The most important FinTech event in France, organized by France FinTech, rewards each year the most innovative companies in the sector. We won the environmental impact award.

fintech revolution

FinTech R:Evolution - France FinTech

Environmental Impact Award

Innovation Trophies 2022

The Innovation Trophies by La Banque Postale AM aim to highlight innovative companies, future unicorns and drivers of a sustainable economy. We were awarded the SRI Fintech Prize of the year.

innovation trophies 2022

Innovation Trophies 2022 - Banque Postale AM

FinTech ISR Award

CleanTech 2022

CleanTech by BPI France is the eco-innovative startup and SME competition, which held its fifteenth edition in 2022, where we were ranked second.


CleanTech Open France - BPI France

Second at the CleanTech awards 2022

StartMeUp 2022

For the past 5 years, FEVAD and KPMG have been rewarding the most innovative start-ups in French e-commerce. 1st start-up with impact, fruggr finished 3rd in this 2022 edition out of more than seventy entries.


StartMeUp - Fevad, KPMG

Bronze award for the ecommerce start-up of the year 2022

Global Innovation & Enterprise

Highlights companies that have the "genes" to become a "Global Leader". fruggr, nominated in the "Climate Cleantech" category along with 7 other startups, not only won the first prize in the category but also the grand prize in all categories of this 2022 edition

IE club global 60

Double award at the IE-Club Global 60

Winner in the "Climate and Cleantech" and "All Categories" categories

Winner of the Vivatech Orange Environmental Footprint, Energy Efficiency and Human Enhancement challenge

fruggr was present on the Orange stand during this 2022 edition.


Vivatech Orange 2022

Winner of the Vivatech Orange 2022 innovation competition

fruggr startup winner of the Business Services Challenge

In figures it is, 🚀12 start-ups committed to digital with a positive impact 👩 💻 Including 6 co-founded by a woman #parity #womenintech 💡4 thematic challenges, co-sponsored by large group partners. Proud to be part of the recognised positive impact solutions for a more responsible digital world 😊 Special thanks to the jury Vincent Champarou, Agnes Sautel, Antoine Bayle, Guillaume Mercy, Marine Mizrahi, Clara Schmitt

Frederick Marchand receives the LaPoste FrenchTech IoT award at the LaPoste stand at Vivatechnology 2022. Rights img_La poste

La Poste 2022 Challenge

La Poste IoT 2022 Challenge Winner

The #NextInnov 2022 prize with Banque Populaire and Maddyness

Aims to identify the most innovative B2B solutions on the market and to bring an exclusive insight into the startups that help companies perform every day, whether they offer legal, HR, marketing, productivity or financial or administrative management services and tools, as well as companies with strong international development potential.

Link to video presentation fruggr NextInnov


National finalist in the NextInnov competition organised by Maddyness and Banques Populaires

fruggr participates in the launch of the Impact score (by) a unique repository to map 360° its impact

fruggr shows an impact score of 80 percent

#Impactscore Impact France Movement!

Second in the #Techforgood ranking, which evaluates tech on a social and ecological level.

Governance for Positive Impact Gold Trophy

A day of meetings and exchanges around an ecological and responsible transition of our society, the first edition of the Sustainable Transformation Summit was an opportunity to highlight promising start-ups, during a ceremony organised in partnership with Keekoff.

 fruggr image sustainable transformer summit

Sustainable Transformation Summit 2022

Golden Startup Sustainable Transformation Summit 2022

TOP 50 Impact Startups Carenews

What pride to be received at the Ministry of the Economy, Finance, and the Relaunch of the French Republic, for an official presentation of our ranking among the Top 50 impact companies in France by Olivia Grégoire, Secretary of State to the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Recovery, responsible for the social, solidarity and responsible economy ! fruggr was rated with the 3rd highest score (at fruggr we like to measure). For us, this confirms that we must continue to align our purpose with our actions to have a concrete and measurable positive impact.

Discount Top50 Carenews 1
Discount Top50 Carenews 2

Top 50 Carenews 2022

Top 50 impact actors in France (3rd best rating)

The Images & Réseaux label : a guarantee of excellence and expertise

By obtaining the images and networks labelling, the technological interest, the innovative character, the potential benefits of fruggr have been approved by a community of around fifty qualified technical and business experts (the Selection and Validation Committee. CVS)

Label images and networks

I&R 2021 labelling

Labelling of R&D by the I&R 2021 global competitiveness cluster

French Tech Rise 2021

French Tech Rise, finalist at Bercy 2021, best French startups

Challenge Finance for tomorrow 2021

Finaliste Challenge Finance for tomorrow 2021

Entreprise remarquable 2021

Entreprise remarquable de l'année Ille & Vilaine 2021

Network Entrepreneurship label Impact 2020

Winner of the 2020 Impact Entrepreneurship Network label

Remarkable Company 2020

Remarkable Company France Initiative 2020 winner

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