Control your digital pollution, aim for global performance

Frugger screens

Measure three impact KPIs: Carbon, social and ethical

Scope 1, 2, 3 :

An automated scan of your IT

Digital impact KPIs :

Measure the environmental and social impacts of your IT

Employee engagement :

Dashboards to manage your strategy with your team

CSR Communication :

A digital impact certificate to communicate your results

Why choose Fruggr ?

Your digital carbon footprint divided by 2 on average
20 %
of the French population excluded from digital services
+17 %
more prospects, fewer breakpoints
of employees feel more engaged and proud

A global measurement supported by an impact label (Scope 1, 2 and 3)

Multi-indicators :

environmental, social, ethical...more than 50 KPIs reported

Multi-criteria :

LCA of flows with GHG, water, electricity, natural resources

Scalable :

We engage your teams in regular monitoring of their digital services scores
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Fruggr is a deeptech software for a more efficient, more responsible digital world

Connect :

Simple installation, Plug'n Play

Measure :

Launch Fruggr for an automatic assessment on the 3 layers : device/network/server, scope 1 to 3 of your services

Improve :

Key KPIs for environment, sobriety and accessibility, via our cloud platform

Drive :

The overview allows you to drive your CSR and ESG strategy in real time

Communicate :

By sharing the gains achieved and your impact certificate

Why subscribe to the Fruggr solution now ?

A transverse support

A team of recognized engineers and consultants (more than 20 years of experience on average to support you in your digital transition)

A score as close as possible to the established standards

An adapted and innovative LCA approach, based on proven resources and continuous improvement

An independent and united company

An actor committed to society, a company with a mission, BCorp certified and ESUS

They trust us

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Ready to differentiate yourself?

1MB max. That is about 19g of CO2

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