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Improve your digital performance

Differentiate yourself, put digital back at the heart of your impact

Fruggr allows you to measure, improve and communicate on your IT footprint

Decarbonise and departition your IS. Manage your digital footprint with innovative software


Fruggr benefits

divide the digital carbon footprint by 2 on average
of loyal audiences (digitally excluded)
of prospects, routes with fewer breakpoints
budget optimisation (frugality/sobriety)
of employees feel more committed and proud
Planet Tree

Measure, Improve, Communicate on your IS footprint

  • IS / Digital / CSR Teams: Measure the environmental and social impact of your digital assets, drive improvements for greater gains
  • General Management / Marketing-Com: Raise awareness of digital responsibility in line with your values, communicate on your positive actions, federate your teams and your customers

Aim for 360° sustainable performance

  • Environmental ROI: measure the environmental impact and analyse your action levers
  • Social ROI: offer accessible, inclusive and ethical digital services
  • Economic ROI: reduce your budgets (frugality) and reach more prospects

Fruggr is a deeptech software at the service of a more efficient, more responsible digital

  • 120 indicators spread over 4 axes, calculated automatically without any action on your part
  • Raw data collection on all layers (usage equipment, network, servers, analytics, source code...)
  • A decision support tool based on machine learning (AI)

Why subscribe to Fruggr software now?

  • Fruggr offers unparalleled power to collect, measure, analyse and evaluate the footprint of your information system
  • Fruggr is the 1st key step to anticipate the obligations of ecodesign, responsible digital
  • Fruggr multiplies the positive impact of your digital services, with an immediate return on investment
  • Subscribe and connect your applications: it's ready!

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