Improving the environmental and social footprint of IT, a performance opportunity

Choosing a sustainable digital approach means going beyond words and taking action to reduce our impact. It means aiming to increase customer satisfaction, conversion rates and sales, while actively adressing climate change.

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Digital pollution is invisible yet real

Prior to defining goals and the path to get to them, you need to know where you are starting from. There’s no improvement without measure!

of global greenhouse gas emissions, equivalent to commercial flights before Covid
of electricity consumption, which is constantly growing
of primary energy consumption
of the French population in a situation of illectronism

#1 Connect

– plug'n play, easy installation

#2 Measure

– run fruggr for an automated evaluation on 3 layers : device/network/server, from scope 1 to 3

#3 Improve

– environment, sufficiency and accessibility KPIs through our platform

#4 Lead

– the global view allows you to manage your CSR and ESG strategy in real time

#5 Communicate

– by sharing your resulting benefits and your impact certificate

fruggr’s global measuring solution:

A complete, customized and automated solution to build your decarbonization strategy

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1/ A reliable and automated measure

including scope 3, fruggr labelized by greentech innovation and selected by ADEME (French Environment and Energy Efficiency Agency)

2/ Global footprint scoring

environmental AND social (accessibility, inclusivity, data protection)

3/ Multi-profile reporting

(by goals and needs)

4/ An engine for improvement recommandations

fruggr brings you a complete carbon and social assessment

> Digital pollution in a nutshell

Measured immediate benefits


cloud costs direct reduction


more prospects, user journeys with less breakpoints


environmental score improvement on average in 5 months


contribution to ESG performance and zero carbon clear-cut goal

Why choose fruggr ?

The market asks for reliable, large-scale deployable and performance-developing solutions

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fruggr provides you with a digital footprint certification

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The time for the static and administrative digital carbon footprint is over, it's time to act and dynamically manage your performance. Doing with less (sufficiency) and better (eco-design and accessibility) is our commitment with

fruggr, Performance by Sustainability

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