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The benefits of integrating fruggr into your digital factory

Integrating fruggr into your digital factory allows you to improve the performance of your digital assets while meeting your digital decarbonization objectives.

The fruggr digital decarbonation management solution: why integrate it into your digital factory? 

As a factory for the design of innovative digital assets, the "digital factory" is today an essential lever for corporate performance. However, the digital sector is increasingly subject to numerous European and national regulations, particularly with regard to its carbon footprint. In this context, managing your Digital Factory through Responsible Digital is not a source of additional costs, but a real opportunity to improve the performance of your digital services.  

A digital footprint analysis solution, fruggr evaluates your digital services and enables you to improve your indicators in real time. Integrating fruggr into your digital factory enables you to achieve performance, digital responsibility and accessibility objectives at every stage of your project, and across three impact KPIs: Environmental, Social and Sobriety.   

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How fruggr can help you design or improve your digital services 

fruggr allows you to align commitments and concrete actions with its SaaS platform for precise, dynamic analysis, enabling you to track your digital decarbonization process over time. More than an assessment tool, fruggr is a solution that encourages continuous improvement in your Digital Factory's performance.  

Observe improvements in real time 

fruggr enables you to track various indicators for a range of analyzed digital services. The software automatically extracts the relevant data sources (source code, web applications, user paths, Cloud provider, Analytics...) to identify improvements to be communicated to the technical, design or marketing/communication departments. The notes provided by the software can cover all your digital services, as well as a specific site, and visualize the improvements achieved in the short or long term.   

Personalized recommendations 

The new version of fruggr's recommendations engine brings an advanced analytical vision, offering an in-depth understanding of the elements having the greatest impact within your digital service. fruggr enables you to centralize a variety of indicators from all your assets, merging them into a comprehensive and versatile assessment, with a strong focus on improving operational efficiency. fruggr also allows you to choose a "business" filter, enabling each role within the project team (Product Owner, Developer...) to access the recommendations that concern them directly and meet their specific needs, thus following the recommendations of the RGESN.  

Optimize performance, save time and cut costs 

Using a digital decarbonation management tool like fruggr is a success factor for the production of a digital platform: sobriety isn't just about a more streamlined design, it's also about a better, more efficient design that's optimized for the user experience. Responsible Digital Design addresses key performance and sustainability KPIs: page weight, functional complexity, compliance with RGPD and accessibility regulations...This approach enables you to ensure compliance, limit sources of development drift and revenue tracking: in short, save resources by focusing on the essentials to achieve your objectives more quickly.   

Responsible digital management of your digital factory is also the key to optimizing the value of your TMA (digital service maintenance). One of our partners recently integrated fruggr into its TMA offering, considerably enhancing its added value, and demonstrating the effectiveness of this approach to managing your digital factory.  

Improved accessibility of your digital assets 

Digital accessibility, although often overlooked, is an essential element in complying with current regulations and reaching a wider audience. This includes ensuring access to your services for the visually impaired and the illiterate, as well as those using older devices or with low-speed Internet connections. fruggr is the ideal tool to complement your accessibility audits by automating many of the checks on all your pages, a task that a conventional human audit would never accomplish.   

GreenOps analysis of your data ecosystem 

Datacenters, clouds and servers play an essential role in the Digital Factory, but they also contribute significantly to the environmental impact of the digital world. Thanks to our GreenOps module, you can visualize the environmental impact of your cloud infrastructure on all major market players, and follow recommendations to improve the efficiency of your resources. The economic benefits of optimizing your resources can amount to 20% of your cloud bill. 

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fruggr put into action, experience feedback 

fruggr has demonstrated its ability to support the realization of innovative and ambitious digital projects, covering a wide range of sectors.  

Project from scratch: eco-design of an e-learning platform🔬 

fruggr was used to monitor the eco-design of a probiotics laboratory's new training tool for healthcare professionals. From scoping to online launch, the fruggr cockpit ensured that the objective of sobriety and improved environmental and social performance was achieved at every stage. After two days of workshops with the project's key players, the portal was developed step by step, benefiting from the opinion of healthcare professionals. Essential functionalities were prioritized to enhance the user experience, and a gamification dimension was also integrated. 

The result? A tailor-made e-learning platform that's both simple and fun! 40% of functionalities removed from the specifications for an estimated +70k€ in development savings. A score of 86, resulting in an A eco-design label.   

Redesign an e-commerce platform to make it more inclusive and écoresponsable🛍️ 

A player in the organic cosmetics industry has used fruggr to support the creation of its inclusive, eco-designed platform for employees and customers. The objective? A digitized sales process while maintaining human proximity and a reduced digital impact! fruggr acted as a gas pedal, enabling us to monitor in real time the continuous improvement of the site's development to achieve maximum impact with a minimal footprint.  
fruggr's recommendations were applied: optimizing the structure of the website and its pages to retain only essential functionalities, creating lighter static pages, eliminating unnecessary functionalities... The result?   

A 25% reduction in carbon footprint, compared with the previous platform,   

An optimized user experience, meeting the objective of greater digital inclusion for customers  

But above all, real performance KPIs: 

  • - 80% loading time 
  • 2.5 times more conversions on mobile 
  • +33% sales on Mobile 
  • 5-fold reduction in fixed tool costs 

Optimizing a showcase site to align commitments and actions🏦 

A financial player committed to responsible investment has begun its responsible digital transition by redesigning its website. To initiate this sober approach, a two-month audit was carried out not only on the existing site, but also on Dorval AM's persona and teams. An eco-design roadmap including new paths was also created to determine what could be retained and what needed to be improved. Following fruggr's recommendations, the site's UI/UX design was optimized and the features with the greatest environmental impact were removed or replaced to make way for a more efficient, accessible site with a reduced carbon footprint. As a result, the overall score rose from 66 to 90 for an A label.  

Eco-friendly annual report from a beauty giant💄 

fruggr was used to help this major cosmetics group better understand, measure and reduce the environmental impact of the site dedicated to their annual report. Following the recommendations of fruggr's analysis, energy-saving technologies were used and content was optimized, providing an optimal browsing experience for users. The Annual Report site features a "low power" mode, with a reduced number of visuals and a dark mode to reduce energy consumption for OLED screens. 

The result: a site with half the Co2 emissions of the 2021 annual report. In detail, this means 100% fewer pages than the average weight, and -78% fewer queries than the previous edition.   

Objective of continuous improvement at a hundred sites by 2030🌏 

Since 2021, an environmental agency has been working hand-in-hand with fruggr teams to keep all its websites sober and maintain a score of excellence in this area. To achieve this, it first had to assess its existing sites using fruggr's analysis, and then initiate an eco-design process for its future digital services. Given the diversity of the sites, the support provided was highly personalized, taking into account the context and specific features of each one.  With regular audits on the fruggr platform and personalized recommendations integrated into it, each stakeholder is involved in a continuous improvement process. 

Over 10 points improvement in the average overall score of our sites. New services entirely designed and deployed with fruggr. 

fruggr: an indispensable tool for the continuous improvement of your digital assets 

Embodying a strategic lever for companies seeking sustainability and performance, fruggr offers total visibility over the entire process of creating and enhancing your digital services, enabling more efficient management of resources and a significant reduction in the carbon footprint of your Digital Factory. Thanks to its dynamic analytical approach, it guides project teams in identifying the actions they need to take to decarbonize your digital assets. Whether as part of a continuous improvement process (RUN), a complete overhaul, or the creation of new services (BUILD), fruggr is an essential tool for steering and operationally supporting your teams throughout the process of improving their delivery.

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