Combining digital footprint and performance

We have a strong vision of positive digital impacts to enhance business performance. It's no longer time for static and approximate carbon footprint reports. It is time to act and to show it.

No improvement without measurement

Working on your footprint is all well and good, but how do you make sure you're doing it right, and how do you measure it? This is the starting point for any roadmap. This is how fruggr was born.

Several strong choices

Continuous improvement :

The perfect impact does not exist, the best approach is continuous improvement. That's why fruggr offers an automated and regular evaluation.

Reliability :

Having reliable indicators, based on recognized models. That's one of the reasons why ADEME and big corporations have chosen us.

Completeness :

Including scope 3 (indirect emissions). A scope 1 and 2 carbon footprint has no significant value to us.

Responsible :

Analyzing environmental AND social KPIs, both are necessary for a sustainable performance

Improve :

Our intelligent recommendation engine gives you the necessary levers to improve your digital footprint

Plug&Play :

Setting up fruggr shouldn't be an additional task. fruggr has been designed to be deployed quickly on thousands of applications.

We have worked passionately with the best experts

The largest R&D team in the field with digital, environmental and social profiles. We are more than 50 talents supported by a whole ecosystem to deliver the best possible platform:

Illustration terre is the benchmark platform for reducing your digital carbon footprint, making your services accessible to as many people as possible and contributing to more sustainable performance.

Our ambition: becoming your frugality's best ally

For us, the future is in the hands of those who will know how to do better with less and who will know how to anticipate and communicate thanks to a dynamic management. Ambition means measurement. We are committed to using the best French and European eco-design standards to better design, measure and manage, now and in the future.

Our conviction: Performance by Sustainability

We are convinced that digital responsibility is not just a necessity, but a real source of performance for companies. Addressing as many people as possible means increasing customer potential. Reducing resources means spending less. Last but not least, offering simpler, fairer customer paths also increases transformation.

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A team on the leading edge

The fruggr is carried by 5 co-founders with over 1000 digital projects in various private and public companies. Experts driven by their vision of a digital revolution with impacts.

In order to act and progress, it is necessary to measure. Therefore, very quickly appeared the need to develop a software solution in R&D allowing us to measure the environmental and social impact of the IT applications of companies. Regular measurement is the key to continuous improvement. Without this, no transformation is possible. And that’s how fruggr was born.

A scientific approach

fruggr is based on a scientific approach with an important part dedicated to R&D.

fruggr is part of the Image&Réseaux cluster, which was awarded the "Pôle de Compétitivité à Vocation Mondiale" label in 2005 and is a reference in digital innovation. We also collaborate with various technological research institutes in order to share our work on sustainable IT. fruggr’s scientific approach is in line with the ADEME’s work, particularly on the approach and the reference framework.

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Our scientific committee

We believe in continuous improvement, which implies an automated measurement

Environmental ROI :

Measure the environmental impact and analyze your action levers

Social ROI :

Offer accessible, inclusive and ethical digital services

Economic ROI :

Reduce your budgets (frugality) and reach more prospects

Give more positive impacts to the IT applications of organizations, by improving their footprint. Deeptech at the service of a sustainable digital world.

Ariane Molet
Ariane Molet
Yves Dolo
Yves Dolo
Estelle Geffard
Estelle Geffard
Stefan Cosquer
Stefan Cosquer
an expert in higher education and research
an expert in higher education and research
an expert from the b-corp collective
an expert from the b-corp collective
a recognized expert in digital ethics
a recognized expert in digital ethics
a technical expert active in responsible digital working groups
a technical expert active in responsible digital working groups

An award-winning player in the sustainable IT ecosystem

Passionate about impact and performance, we're an ESUS (social utility company) approved company with a mission. We were recently selected as one of the Top 50 impact actors in France

Golden startup at the 2022 sustainable transformation summit
French tech rise, national final of startups 2021
Challenge finance for tomorrow 2021
3rd in Top50 Carenews impact companies 2022

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