Your Digital Footprint Certificate, a rating that covers all ESG criteria

No improvement without measurement! How to concretize the improvement of your digital footprint and your commitment to the ecological and societal transition? With a fruggr certification, you get a proof of the dynamic evolution of your digital footprint and your ESG/RSE strategy.

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fruggr’s certificate rating grid


A - Excellence

A rating between 85 and 100

Exemplary on all measured criteria. The guarantee of a positive global impact


B - Virtuous

A rating between 75 and 85

Overall care given to an advanced eco-design of the digital service but still some optimization possible


C - Aware

A rating between 65 and 75

Considerable optimizations still possible although globally designed with a certain frugality

Evaluation criteria

The criteria are expressed as a score out of 100. The score global is the result combining all the criteria analyzed on 3 dimensions :

Environment, Social and Sufficiency

Global score


A complete environmental assessment cannot be reduced to a simple carbon footprint. Therefore, we also include an assessment of water and energy consumption of the entire deployed service

Carbon score

The carbon score evaluates the impact of the service on the emission of greenhouse gases

Water score

The quantity of water consumed over the entire cycle, in particular the terminal manufacturing and service use phases

Energy Score

The energy score assesses the impact of the service on electricity consumption.


A sustainable IT will care as much for the environment as for the human being. fruggr therefore adds to its environmental analysis a social score measuring accessibility, ethics and inclusion

Accessibility Score

The accessibility score calculates the compliance with the international rules of the WCAG

Ethical Score

The ethical score measures the ethical footprint and data protection

Inclusion Score

The inclusion score assesses the compatibility of a digital service on all terminals


The third area covered by fruggr could have been Governance, the “G” in ESG. We do measure it but it can’t be measured automatically. We consider that efforts on environmental and social impacts aren’t that useful if they aren’t part of an overall sufficiency logic

Technical Sobriety Score

The Technical Sobriety Score assesses the ability of the solution to be maintainable and scalable.

Functional Sobriety Score

The score allows us to evaluate the functional aspect, from the design stage to use.

Design Sufficiency Score

This score assesses the content sufficiency

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