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Case study - Doxio, an eco-designed showcase site for its new identity

A look back at the eco-design of the Doxio showcase site, Edokial's new identity.

Doxio (formerly Ekodial), leader in document archiving: a new name, a new eco-designed site

To coincide with its rebranding and expanded offering, leading document and data management player Edokial (now Doxio) wanted an eco-designed showcase site. fruggr worked with the agencies responsible for designing this web application to design a site with a reduced environmental and social footprint.  

Starting point

While the digitization of documents helps to reduce paper pollution, the impact of digital pollution should not be underestimated either! Hence the need to integrate digital responsibility and eco-design principles into all digital product and service projects. This is what fruggr has proposed with the Doxio website. 

Edokial, a Crédit Agricole subsidiary dedicated to document management for businesses, changed its identity at the beginning of 2023 to become Doxio. Operating for 40 years, Doxio is now active in four areas: customer communication, paperless processes and archiving, digital platforms, and certification and security. To present this new identity and offering, Doxio wanted to create a dedicated showcase site. To do this, it enlisted the help of web agencies bigbump and Océbo, as well as communications agency Epoka. It was through Epoka that fruggr came in to anchor this website project in an eco-design dimension.     


Actions taken

When the site was deployed, the fruggr solution was used to make an initial assessment of the social (accessibility, digital inclusion), environmental and sobriety footprints of this new window site. The score was not entirely satisfactory for the teams, but was accompanied by optimization recommendations relating to UX/UI design, hosting and site development.  

The various teams in charge of developing the Doxio website (Epoka, bigbump and Océbo) were supported every step of the way by fruggr teams. From project scoping through development to the actual deployment of the web application, it was necessary to include eco-design in every decision: our Digital Responsibility experts were on hand to raise the awareness of the technical teams on this subject and guide them towards the best practices to follow.   


By following fruggr's recommendations, Doxio's score rose from 73/100 to 82/100. A result with which the customer is very satisfied, as it enables the site to benefit from a fruggr score of B, i.e. "Virtuous". The A score (which corresponds to 85/100) is not far off: it can be reached by following a continuous improvement approach on the part of Doxio's IT teams.

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