CSR - sustainable development managers: do you want to display concrete actions to improve your impact, at your first point of interaction with your stakeholders?

Digital pollutes more than civil aviation, it is also your first point of interaction with your entire ecosystem. So why not start there to roll out your sustainable transformation programme?

fruggr is a platform that gives you access to all the key environmental and social indicators on your digital services. The fruggr innovation allows you to measure automatically, no more cumbersome data collection.

Illustration certificate

• 21%* improvement in environmental score after 5 months

• Save on your accessibility audits, IT carbon footprint

• 100% contribution to your CSR/ESG performance and low carbon target. *on average observed


• The choice of ADEME and several other key players such as L'Oréal, Orange, La Poste...

• More than 50 experts at the service of your responsible performance

• Awarded numerous times: golden startup at the 2022 sustainable transformation summit, finance for tomorrow 2021 challenge, winner of the Vivatech Orange challenge, La Poste French IoT winner...

3 key points on fruggr

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The time for the static and administrative digital carbon footprint is over, it's time to act and dynamically manage your performance. Doing with less (sufficiency) and better (eco-design and accessibility) is our commitment with fruggr.io

fruggr, Performance by Sustainability

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