CDO, E-commerce managers: how to combine the performance of your digital journeys with environmental impact?

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fruggr allows you to proudly display your digital environmental performance. It is the reference solution in Europe for monitoring the impact of your digital platforms.

Illustration certificate

• 17%* of leads thanks to pathways with fewer breakpoints

• 21%* improvement in environmental score

• SEO improvement, accessibility *on average found


• The choice of ADEME and several other key players such as L'Oréal, Orange, La Poste...

• More than 50 experts at the service of your responsible performance

• Top5 e-commerce startups FEVAD-KPMG 2022, innovative solution awarded many times

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Business case: BodyNature, or how to optimise your e-commerce performance thanks to digital sustainability

BodyNature is a manufacturer of ecological cosmetics and cleaning products. The products are distributed through a network of brand consultants. As a company with a mission, LBN has strong human values that are essential to the company.

Initial assessment

The aim was to create an efficient and responsible e-commerce platform, as well as an extranet for the brand's ambassadors. The aim was to differentiate the brand via a service that corresponds to the strong values of BodyNature.

Actions taken

17 tonnes of CO2 saved Thanks to reliable measurements of their impact and support in design and development, 17 tonnes of CO2 per year have been saved. The site is open to more people (+4%; increased accessibility and support for older OS and browsers). Customer journeys are more fluid, with fewer breaking points.

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The time for the static and administrative digital carbon footprint is over, it's time to act and dynamically manage your performance. Doing with less (sufficiency) and better (eco-design and accessibility) is our commitment with

fruggr, Performance by Sustainability

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