Aim for a global performance by managing your digital footprint

A deeptech SaaS solution automatically measuring your digital footprint according to three impact KPIs : Environment, Social and Sobriety

fruggr is the only "made in France" software that measures carbon & social footprints as well as digital accessibility of your activity on the whole value chain (in accordance with ESG standards). Positive impact means increasing customer satisfaction, transformation rate and turnover in complete serenity. fruggr is more than just a tool, it's a philosophy of continuous improvement and global performance at a European level.

fruggr screens's offer

fruggr is a SaaS/cloud solution by subscription. The number of users is unlimited meaning you can board the whole company. Pricing is based on the number of services/applications analyzed.

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A global measure carried by a digital footprint certificate

Calculation Method

fruggr automatically collects various raw data: usage data, source code, Analytics. The software relies on recognized impact factors (One byte model of the Shift Project, ADEME carbon base, IEA, EEA...) in order to calculate the most accurate scores possible. fruggr offers a carbon assessment covering all 3 scopes

fruggr is a deeptech software serving a more performant and sustainable digital activity


launch fruggr for an automated evaluation on 3 layers : device/network/server, from your services’ scope 1 to scope 3


the key KPIs : environment, sobriety and accessibility through our cloud platform


the overview allows you to pilot your CSR and ESG strategy in real time


by sharing your resulting benefits and your impact certificate

Beyond the carbon assessment, what makes fruggr a trustworthy partner?

A global services offer :

This is digital4better's strength. Our goal is digital sustainability, and we already have over 50 experts on our side who are passionate about the subject in terms of design, functionality and technical aspects.

Guarantees of excellence :

Compliance with internationally recognized standards in digital, CSR, finance and sustainable development such as ISO 27 001 or 26 000, ESG alignment…

Change management :

We can set up an awareness and training plan for your teams. We have already trained over 1200 people from DSI La Poste Enseigne, as well as fastlab Enedis' developers. We also train the trainers of the Institute of Digital Sustainability (Institut du numérique responsable)

Over 50 indicators

on environmental (GHG, electricity, natural resources, water), social (accessibility, ethics, etc.) and sufficiency aspects (technical, functional, etc.)

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Key performance indicators but also continuous improvement

🏁 Loading performance optimisation 🛒 Bounce rate reduction (more traffic, more business) 🗑 Hosting optimisation (weight and pages number reduction) 🎯 Data improvement (queries mastery) 🚨 Security alerts (code review)

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