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Case Study - Dubreuil group : an analysis of a wide digital ecosystem

A look back at the multi-sector Dubreuil group's commitment to digital responsibility, with an analysis of its entire digital ecosystem.

Dubreuil: initiating the Responsible Digital Transition of a multi-sector group

 Operating in a wide range of sectors (agricultural equipment, air transport, hotels and automobiles), the Dubreuil group approached the D4B/fruggr teams to initiate the responsible digital transition of all its subsidiaries. The group's CSR and Marketing teams have taken up the challenge and invested in this objective of decarbonizing the group digitally. Several milestones had to be reached to initiate this work: assessing the environmental and social footprint of their digital services, providing input for the annual declaration of their carbon emissions, and sharing the levers for improvement with their teams. 

Starting point

The Dubreuil Group's first action was to assess the footprint of a substantial set of digital services, with almost 50 websites for all sectors, in order to determine their individual and global impact.  

The project was completed in just a month and a half, and fruggr was rapidly deployed on all the group's digital platforms, thanks to a well-structured project and the responsiveness of the Dubreuil and fruggr teams. It is important to note that the size of the sites varied considerably, from 10 pages for the smallest to over 600,000 pages for the group's reference site.   

Our teams had to adopt a methodical and meticulous approach when deploying fruggr due to the specificities of each sector and site.  

site web eco conception

Concrete actions

We initiated the project by starting with the simplest services to familiarize the Dubreuil teams with fruggr. The Marketing department was responsible for setting up Analytics and authentication to enable access to private pages. This was an important step in getting them used to the tool. 

We quickly limited the number of pages analyzed to 2,000, a number that provided us with enough elements to carry out our evaluation, while limiting the impact due to fruggr analysis time.  

Once the fruggr analyses were available and quality control had been carried out, we undertook extrapolation work for the largest sites in order to take into account all existing pages and their audiences, and thus produce a complete carbon footprint.  

For this valuation project, we accompanied our work with a methodological note for the client. In this note, we explained in detail the analysis quality control process, as well as our approach to extrapolation, highlighting the need for this approach. The methodology we have developed has proved particularly useful, notably during the audit for the Dubreuil Group's Déclaration de Performance Extra-Financière (DPEF).  

And tomorrow?

The fruggr teams were invited to take part in the Dubreuil group's carbon footprint audit, which was carried out as part of the Extra-Financial Performance Declaration (DPEF).  

At the same time, our team of Digital Responsibility consultants presented a full report on their work to the Marketing Department, including the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions assessment we had carried out for the Group's IT assets. 

This was followed at by a webinar for all the company's departments, with around 50 participants. The aim was to show them the efforts undertaken in terms of digital platform analysis, and to encourage them to follow suit! Fruggr accesses were opened to all participants so that they could see the results of their perimeter and the levers for improvement.    

For fruggr, this project was also a first: with 50 services per subsidiary, analyzed in 1? months, it represents one of the largest fruggr deployments to date! Beyond that, fruggr's robustness and flexibility were once again demonstrated by the wide variety of digital environments and technical complexity involved in the project.   

As far as the Dubreuil Group is concerned, this first step in their Digitally Responsible approach has enabled them to demonstrate their alignment between commitments and tangible actions, a commitment now concretized by their fruggr certificate and activated in the continuous improvement of their services!

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