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Fruggr, pioneer of societal engagement: a B Corp certification that makes a difference !

Digital4Better, publisher of the Fruggr solution, is proud to have obtained the B Corp certification!

B Corp: A reassuring certification!

In the vast landscape of companies committed to Corporate Social Responsibility, B Corp positions the parent company of Fruggr as a pioneer in responsible digital practices. Today, Digital4Better takes a significant step in this mission by mastering the impact of the digital ecosystem, joining a global community of nearly 4,000 companies spanning 70 countries.

In France, where the B Corp movement took root in 2015, Digital4Better stands out as one of the committed French companies, illustrating our determination to be an integral part of a movement that transcends borders and industries. Supported by B Lab France, our B Corp certification highlights our commitment to sustainability and our contribution to a global dialogue on ethical business practices.

For Digital4Better, obtaining the B Corp certification has been a journey guided by a self-assessment questionnaire, the BIM ASSET MANAGEMENT, from the early days of the company.

Jérôme Lucas, co-founder of Digital4Better, emphasizes the importance of this detailed questionnaire covering topics such as human resources, social issues, and procurement, comprising approximately 200 questions. This process has shaped Digital4Better's governance by answering the fundamental question "What do we want to achieve ?" based on one of the most mature reference frameworks in terms of requirements and depth.

According to Jérôme, creating a company from scratch with the B Corp guide is easier than transforming a historical company into the B Corp model. He humbly notes,

"We have no glory in doing it because, in the end, it was not as difficult compared to companies that have done it."

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Digital4Better: Pioneer in B Corp commitment, Fruggr leading the way!

Digital4Better takes a significant step by obtaining the B Corp certification, demonstrating concrete commitments for Fruggr towards a future where technology aligns with responsibility. But concretely, what does this certification evaluate, and what does it represent?

  • Governance: It examines how the company is structured, governed, and how it integrates its social and environmental values into its bylaws.

The B Corp certification demonstrates a commitment to ethical and socially responsible business practices, highlighting that Fruggr is developed by a company valuing integrity and ethics. Involving mandatory transparency on social and environmental performance, it proves that Fruggr, in its daily operations, provides visibility into Digital4Better's ongoing commitment to responsible practices. It also encourages a 360-degree approach to all stakeholders, reinforcing customer satisfaction and consideration for the needs of all actors. Responsible governance aims to have a positive impact on society, ensuring that the use of the tool indirectly contributes to social initiatives.

  • Employee Engagement: It evaluates practices related to employee well-being, salary equity, diversity, inclusion, and social benefits.

Evidence of maintaining an employee-centric corporate culture, with policies promoting well-being, diversity, inclusion, and salary equity, this certification demonstrates that our clients benefit from a partnership with a company committed to its employees, reflected in the quality of service. Overall, this certification is a guarantee that, behind the product, there is a transparent, fair, and ethical company, positively impacting team stability and service quality.

  • Community Impact: It measures how the company contributes positively to local and global communities through philanthropic initiatives, volunteering, and other social actions.

The B Corp certification demonstrates that Digital4Better, and consequently its product Fruggr, adheres to rigorous standards of social and environmental responsibility. This means that we actively work every day to integrate sustainable and ethical business practices, with a strong focus on the well-being of people and the planet. Furthermore, transparency being a key value of the B Corp certification, it requires us to be fully transparent about our business practices, as well as the positive impacts generated.

  • Environment: It evaluates the company's environmental practices, such as carbon emission reduction, sustainable resource management, and waste minimization.

By using Fruggr, developed by a certified B Corp company, you demonstrate your commitment to environmentally friendly solutions, strengthening alignment of values. Fruggr minimizes its environmental impact, involving employees and clients in sustainability-friendly practices.

  • Transparency and Accountability: It checks how the company communicates its social and environmental performance, as well as its efforts to continuously improve its impact.

Digital4Better's B Corp certification illustrates a commitment to high ethical standards. You can have confidence in our willingness to have a positive impact on society and the environment, exceeding financial objectives. Certified B Corp companies provide detailed information about their business practices, and that's what Fruggr does by offering clear visibility into operational management, contributions to the community, environmental impact reduction, and the promotion of social responsibility.

Moreover, by using Fruggr, you indirectly contribute to Digital4Better's positive impact on society and the environment. This transparency and accountability also reflect in the business practices of clients integrating Fruggr.

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B Corp: Added value at the core of intrinsic values

The B Corp certification not only provides independent validation of a company's ethical and sustainable practices but also creates a supportive ecosystem for growth, innovation, and positive impact. In detail, B Corp certification means:

  • Materializing a Real CSR Commitment: A concrete opportunity to support Digital4Better's CSR approach. It guides the evaluation and improvement of sustainability practices, translated into daily operations at Fruggr.
  • Belonging to a Community of Companies with Common Goals: B Corp offers the opportunity to join a global community of companies with shared values and commitment. This interdependence promotes exchange, collaboration, and the creation of an ecosystem where sustainable progress is a shared priority.
  • Assessing Social and Environmental Impact, Taking Care of the Value Chain, and Progressing: B Corp certification allows Digital4Better, and consequently Fruggr, to rigorously assess its social and environmental impact. It is an incentive to take care of the value chain, identify areas for improvement, and continually progress in sustainable practices. If Fruggr evaluates the impact of its clients, we recognize the importance of evaluating ourselves as well!
  • Revealing Commitment to Sustainability: Being certified B Corp is a tangible declaration of a commitment to sustainability. It is a formal recognition of the company's sustained effort to integrate ethical and sustainable practices into daily business activities.
  • Having International Reach: Certification allows international outreach by connecting it to a global community of businesses. This international dimension offers opportunities for global exchange, partnerships, and influence.

Sustainable practices and commitment for Fruggr

Digital4Better's commitment to holistic integration into the economic and social ecosystem stems from the belief that companies should be engaged actors, rather than mere commercial entities. It aspires to be part of a network, a community sharing our values, and to collaborate with ethical companies.

From its inception, the idea of incorporating B Corp commitments has been at the heart of the mission. It was deliberately chosen to position itself among impact-driven companies, thus demonstrating a commitment to ethical and sustainable practices from the start.

Through the Fruggr tool, we reflect the desire to prove that business success can be harmoniously linked to ethical practices.

With the constant expansion of the tool, we recognize the need to further professionalize our operations. The evolution of Digital4Better on a larger scale involves adjustments in processes and operating procedures, requiring thoughtful reflection to develop a strategy adapted to the next stage of the company's growth.

But, what does it really mean?

Obtaining B Corp certification is much more than just recognition: it is a firm commitment to ethical, sustainable, and socially responsible business practices. Behind the B Corp seal is a global community of companies that consider profit as a means, not an end in itself. Digital4Better fully embraces this philosophy. Our quest to become a certified B Corp goes beyond a mere accreditation; it is the tangible expression of our commitment to positive impact.

Choosing Fruggr means choosing a partner that integrates ESG criteria at the core of its operations. It is opting for collaboration with a team that values transparency, sustainability, and inclusion. Our B Corp certification enhances our credibility and demonstrates our sincere commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

By working with us, you choose to contribute to positive change in the digital landscape while strengthening your own impact. We are not just a company that offers digital solutions; we are your partner for holistic transformation, guided by ethical and responsible values.

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