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How to manage your digital decarbonization?

fruggr, a digital footprint analysis solution with a powerful recommendation engine, helps you manage your Digital Sustainability strategy.

Piloting digital decarbonization with fruggr: a solution to evaluate, monitor and improve your indicators

The transition to a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly economy has become a priority, and even an obligation, for many organizations. In this context, the digital footprint, whose impact is growing every year, plays a crucial role. To effectively manage your digital decarbonization, it's essential to accurately assess your digital performance indicators, identify opportunities for improvement and track your progress over time. This is where fruggr comes in, a digital footprint analysis solution with a powerful recommendation engine. 

Assessing your digital footprint: from the big picture to the environmental and social axes

Before you can reduce your digital footprint, you first need to measure it accurately and comprehensively. This means taking into account all your organization's digital activities: digital sites and services, servers, data centers, advertising communications and data management.  

fruggr provides you with an overview of your digital footprint, by aggregating and analyzing the most relevant data from your IT ecosystem (usage data, source code, analytics and based on recognized impact factors). This global footprint includes several axes: environmental, social and sobriety. The software lets you drill down into the details to identify the actions you need to prioritize.  

Identify action levers with a recommendation engine that adapts to your specific needs

fruggr enables you to identify exactly where the opportunities for improvement lie in each of these areas, with activatable recommendations dedicated to the specifics of your information system. Whether you're turning to eco-design for your future digital platforms, reducing the carbon footprint of your infrastructure, improving the accessibility of your website, or promoting digital sobriety in the daily practices of your employees, fruggr guides you towards targeted actions for a reduced digital impact.   
This engine is based on the eco-design criteria set out by the RGESN (référentiel général d'écoconception des services numériques - general eco-design reference framework for digital services). 

Whether you're a designer, architect, developer, product owner or project manager, fruggr's recommendation engine will suggest actions that correspond specifically to your business scope.  

Perpetuate the process: track your improvements over time 

Digital decarbonization shouldn't be seen as a one-off task, but as an ongoing process. With a dynamic solution like fruggr, you can manage your entire Responsible Digital strategy: from the GHG assessment of your IT assets to the eco-design of your digital services and the optimization of your existing platforms. In fact, once the software has provided you with its initial recommendations, it tracks your progress in real time. This means you can assess and monitor the impact of your actions from one development to the next, from one month to the next, from one year to the next, and adjust your strategy accordingly, alongside your project teams and your IT department.  

By tracking your progress and communicating your successes, you'll be part of an ongoing process of continuous improvement, while maintaining your organization's commitment to digital responsibility over the long term.  

Drawing the roadmap to your digital decarbonization

Using the data and recommendations provided by the solution, you can draw up a strategic action plan to progressively and sustainably reduce your digital footprint, with a holistic approach that takes into account both environmental and social aspects. This roadmap will enable you to set concrete, measurable and achievable objectives, such as obtaining a fruggr certificate attesting to your commitment to a more sober digital footprint.  

You'll be able to easily measure your progress and adjust your trajectory based on real-time data provided by fruggr. This continuous improvement process can include the creation of a governance structure dedicated to digital decarbonization within your organization, raising your teams' awareness of the importance of Responsible Digital, as well as initiatives aimed at optimizing the overall footprint of your digital ecosystem. 

Train your employees to take a more virtuous and sober approach to digital

Digital decarbonization is not just about tools and technologies, but also about the people who use them. fruggr helps you to raise awareness and train your employees in a more virtuous and sober approach to digital. When project teams take ownership of the Responsible Digital approach via the fruggr cockpit, it fosters a deeper understanding of the challenges associated with digital decarbonization. By acculturating your teams to the challenges and benefits of Responsible Digital Use through a dynamic solution like fruggr, you also create a deep and lasting commitment within your organization.  

Integrate fruggr into the production chain to act a throughout the lifecycle of your IT ecosystem

More than just assessing your organization's digital footprint, fruggr can be seamlessly integrated into your digital production chain. By integrating it right from the start, fruggr assesses the entire lifecycle of your digital services. This means you can act proactively to efficiently reduce the digital footprint of your projects before they even see the light of day. In this way, you can guarantee the environmental "profitability" of your new digital platforms, ensuring at every stage that they meet your objectives in terms of performance, accessibility and sobriety.  

fruggr also includes datacenters, clouds and servers in your operational chain via its fruggrOps module (echoing the GreenOps methodology) to map your IT infrastructure, materialize the associated footprints and optimize your resources.  

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A comprehensive and precise tool to track your digital sustainability transition

Fruggr remains the benchmark tool for setting your organization on the path to sustainable, solid, long-term digital decarbonization. With its powerful recommendation engine, its ability to aggregate and analyze a multitude of relevant data, as well as its comprehensive cockpit offering a detailed overview of your digital carbon footprint, its complete cockpit and intuitive interface, this platform proves to be an invaluable ally in moving from commitment to concrete action. Much more than just a tool for measuring your digital carbon footprint, fruggr is a strategic partner in propelling your company towards a Responsible Digital approach that will endure over time and meet national and European regulations and directives.

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