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The conquest of a Sustainable transformation : At the Sustainable Leaders Forum !

For a sustainable transformation : At the conquest of the Sustainable Leaders Forum !

For a sustainable transformation : At the conquest of the Sustainable Leaders Forum !

On Thursday, May 12, the next edition of the Sustainable leaders forum will take place, an event focused on leadership: Lead the way for a greater impact. The opportunity to talk about digital impact measurement.

After the COVID-19 crisis, digital and the ecological and social transition have been accelerated. It's time to raise awareness of ESG footprint measurement solutions to give responsible digital a maximum chance of becoming the new norm. With the +1500 Solution Makers, 7 Sustainable Transition issues, 50 speakers, 100 CSR Directors expected this year, we are seizing this momentum to make our voice heard at the Sustainable Leaders Forum.

"All companies have embarked on sustainable digital transformation, because today, we need to put our money where our mouth is and make sure we address these issues, to concretely improve our footprint" explains Frédérick Marchand, CEO of Fruggr.

What is the Sustainable leaders forum?

This event is organized by the Hub Institute, a Think Thank also qualified as a third place as a reference for business, HR and sustainable transformation in Paris 8th district, which was co-founded about ten years ago by Vincent Ducrey and Emmanuel Vivier. Today, it is a key player in the field. The Sustainable Leaders Forum is a hybrid event, which every year welcomes leaders from different backgrounds on the notion of ecological and social transition. Last year, the event took place 100% digitally, as it was held in full confinement. Nevertheless, it gathered 1200 participants, who followed the day and a number of media coverage, notably with AEF Info, Décisions Durables etc. This year, a large number of media partnerships were established, notably with News RSE, AEF Info, Novethic, Stratégies, and Décisions Durables.

Sustainable Leaders : fruggr no improvement without measure

CSR is now at the heart of the sustainable transformation of organizations and digital is the first touch point with all stakeholders, so if we do not link words to actions, it is not CSR.

F. Marchand

Responsible digital technology, a key topic for this 2022 edition

Digital responsibility is of course at the heart of the issues addressed at the Sustainable Leaders Forum 2022. The MEDEF will be represented to talk about it, with Pascale Dumas, CEO of HP France. But also, Caroline Le Masne de Chermont (Legal, CSR and Compliance Director of Vivendi) on data, Magali Anderson (Chief Sustainability and Innovation Officer of Holcim) on their ambition integrating digital as well as Kat Borlongan (Chief Impact Officer at ContentSquare), Vincent Blaclard (Partner at Artefact) and Soline Aubry (Partner at Ekimetrics). Fruggr will also be represented by Frédérick Marchand, who will talk about his experience with Dorval AM on the theme: no improvement without measurement.

To know: You must request your accreditation in order to follow the digital part of the event or follow the conferences in replay. To register, click here!

Author : Marie-Christine Aubin

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